Oren Kaplan – Curriculum Vitae – short version

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Mobile: +972-54-8181849   Email: okaplan@colman.ac.il  Blog: www.orenkaplan.com
http://www.linkedin.com/in/okaplan  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/or.n.kaplan

Current academic position: Dean, School of Business Administration
Current academic appointment: Associate Professor (Since 2007)
The College of Management Academic Studies (Since 1990)

Academic studies and degrees 1986-1999, Tel Aviv University, Israel
BA – Economics; MBA – Marketing; BA Psychology (Cum laude);
MA – Clinical Psychology of the Child (Cum laude); PhD – Cognitive Psychology

Professional training and licensing in Clinical Psychology:

  • Specialized in trauma and other anxiety disorders, depression, preventive & positive psychology, mental resilience and coping with stress. Private clinic since 1996.
  • The Israeli Ministry of Health: Licensed psychologist #4599 since 1994.
  • Psychiatric Department, Tel-Aviv Medical Center, Ichilov Hospital 1994-1999.
  • The Israeli Ministry of Health: Licensed clinical psychologist #5348 since 1999.
  • The Israeli Ministry of Health: Licensed in hypnosis – therapy and research #0499 since 2001.

Professional experience in Business Administration – non academic:

  • Management: Management & Business Psychology: Consultant and advisor for senior management and directors, career and decision-making support, organizational behavior.
  • Marketing: Consumer behavior, sampling, surveying, marketing research, advanced statistics and research methods, qualitative research, employees and HR survey & research.

Selected peer-review publications

Lubow, R.E.  & Kaplan, O. (1997). Visual search as a function of type of prior experience with target and distractor. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 23, 14-24.

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Lazar, J., Kaplan, O., Sternberg, T., & Lubow, R.E. (2012). Positive and Negative Affect Induce Opposing Processing of Task-Irrelevant Stimuli: Evidence from Latent inhibition Studies, Emotion, 12, 591-604.

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In addition:

  • More than 30 articles invited by Israeli professional journals in Hebrew
  • More than 100 articles in financial news publications in Israel
  • More than 50
  • Presentations at academic & professional conferences and meetings
  • Kaplan, O. (Ed. Book) (2003) (2008). "Investigators speak": Market research and its applications in the Israeli market: A second extended edition. (Hebrew). Rishon LeZion: Globes.